Iraq bombing, Melbourne schoolgirl dies


– 12-year-old girl from suburban Thomastown

– Year seven student at Sirius College at Broadmeadows


– Zynab left for Iraq with her family on May 18 to visit her sick grandfather

– A bomb ripped through an ice-cream shop in Baghdad early on Tuesday morning local time, killing Zynab and wounding her mother and uncles

– IS claimed responsibility for the attack, in statements released online, saying its suicide bombers had targeted gatherings of Shi’ite Muslims

– A second car bomb also went off at rush hour, killing 14 and wounding at least 37 people

– Zynab’s body was buried in Iraq on Tuesday

– A memorial service will be held at Fawkner Mosque on Wednesday


“Another innocent killed by this violent tendency, this violent terrorist movement, that is gnawing away, seeking to destroy and pervert and blaspheme one of the great religions of the world.


” – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

“I still expect her to come and tease me and play around and make fun and jokes. She is too small to go so early.” – Cousin Layla Al-Saabary to Nine Network

“All of us are deeply distressed that one of our smiling students has been taken from us in a cruel act of violence that is beyond understanding.” – Sirius College executive principal Halid Serdar Takimoglu

“She was extremely dedicated. The biggest issue I had with her was her talking in class. She was loved by all of her friends.” – Sirius College English teacher Kiralee Mladenis

“This tragedy underscores the brutality of this terrorist organisation that shows no respect for religion, nationality, sovereignty, borders, no respect for humanity.” – Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

“All terrorism is evil, but there’s something truly insidious about targeting children. Fact is, ISIS don’t care where you come from, or what you believe, or who you pray to.” – Daniel Andrews on Facebook

“We are shocked and mortified and extremely sad that a young girl could be killed in that way. It’s senseless.” – Adel Salman, vice president of the Islamic Council of Victoria